Thursday, March 25, 2010

Narration: EscapePod - "Other People's Money" by Cory Doctorow, November 2007

"Other People's Money" by Cory Doctorow was a narration I voiced for EscapePod, the first I did for the Escape Artists group of podcasts, back in November 2007.

Click through here to listen to or download the podcast. Or not. But I don't believe in hiding my stuff ups.

This one was...problematic. I read in my usual accent. I'll address using my normal kiwi accent in another, more indepth post, but this reading garnered a lot of hate. Yes, the subject matter was difficult (even for me reading it), but I believe a non-US accent may have been chosen because the piece was about globalization. Yes, I was nervous as hell - it was my first major piece for a worldwide podcast - and I spoke too fast. Yes, I stuffed up the recording.

I appreciate that Stephen Eley gave me the chance, and I appreciate that I may never get the opportunity to read for EscapePod again - and that would be a shame, it's an excellent new media outlet for short SF. Could I go back if I sold my true accent out, and modified it, say, into my pseudo english accent? I doubt the EscapePod listeners would have me back.

You learn from your mistakes. Now I know how Phil Keoghan probably feels.

Sorry I butchered your great story Cory...

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