Thursday, March 25, 2010

Narration: PseudoPod - "Heavy Rains" by Andrew Nicolle, January 2008

"Heavy Rains" by Andrew Nicolle was a narration I voiced for PseudoPod, another of Escape Artists group of podcasts, in January 2008.

You can click through here to listen to or download the narration.

I thank Alasdair for taking pity on me and giving me a second chance, but the backlash from listeners was pretty much the same as with the Doctorow piece. People HATE my kiwi accent - is it centrism, or was I REALLY that bad? The voice work I do for my day job is acceptable for my clients, and even liked, but it does only play within New Zealand.

Another learn from my mistakes moment - I picked up from this one I was putting too much of my advertising voice rhythm into a reading. I can hit the spot in 30 seconds which I do on a daily basis, but I don't get enough practise at full narrations...which no one will give me coz of my sucky EP performance, Catch 22! Yeah, not giving up my day job just yet!

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