Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steve Blum at Armageddon Expo, Christchurch, March 27-28

I'm very keen to hear Steve Blum speak at Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo in Christchurch this weekend.

I believe Mister Blum is doing talks and panels on the Sunday, however the Armageddon website doesn't seem to be working well currently (it's showing the old incarnation with no timetable).

This is a bit of an intersection of fan-squee and serious interest. To me, Steve Blum is Pyre Fierceshot/Justiciar Hablion/Your Male Hero in Guild Wars, my favourite game EVAH. I'm sure he represents other levels of squee-ness within anime and games to other people, but I'll be quite pickled to maybe hear him drop some hints about working on Guild Wars 2.

Here he is in a trailer for GW2 entitled "Giving Tyria a Voice":

Hee, yeah, that's Felicia Day as a VA for GW2 as well. So geeky-good it hurts!

If I can get past the fan squee around me, it will be interesting to hear Steve talk about working as a VA for the game industry, something I would LURVE to have a crack at.

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