Friday, March 26, 2010

VA: Darker Projects - "Tales From The Museum", Doctor Helene Mancuso

In Darker Projects' "Tales From the Museum" series written by Charles Russell, I play Doctor Helene Mancuso.

In an interesting twist, producer (and good audio drama buddy) Elie Hirschman wanted me to play Helene in my normal accent (I did ramp it up a bit "tidier" though...bordering on Sam Neill english eununciation) because they wanted her back story to BE a super intelligent scientist from New Zealand. She reminds me of an antipodean Temprence Brennan. Fun!

To make it even MORE interesting, I've picked up a couple of narration jobs BECAUSE of my turn as Mancuso. So, as down as I was after my disastrous EscapePod read, people complimenting me because of TFTM was a lift.

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