Thursday, April 22, 2010

Au Contraire, mon amis!

I have decided that I am going to Au Contraire, the New Zealand SF&F con in Wellington, August 27-29.

I have multiple reasons to go. The first being to support my friend Paul Mannering, one of the co-founders, writers, editors and Guerillas of BrokenSea Audio Productions (of which I do much VA for) is the Fan Guest of Honour. Yay Paul! Audio production and horror writing are quite the passions for Paul, and with his wonderfully twisted mind I have no doubt he'll be Something in the Horror genre. He's already on his way, having had a few short stories published.

The next reason really struck home with me just today. If I'm serious about Doing This, being a writer, I have to learn how to network, just as Kristine Kathryn Rusch has been laying out in her "Freelancers Guide" (if you think I'm raving about it, I am - it's incredibly helpful). Indeed, the post that I linked to last week gave me the impetus - if I'm serious, I gotta get off my chuff, suck up my tribbleations, and meet people.

The third reason stems from just that - networking and meeting people. There will be some interesting people at the con, notably Sean Williams (I have his Orphans series awaiting my eyeballs), Juliet Marillier (I enjoyed her Sevenwaters Forest Series), Russell Kirkpatrick (a New Zealand fantasy author, his Fire of Heaven series is also waiting on my bookshelf), plus a variety of other editors and writers. Good Flying Spaghetti Monster, no I will not hit them up for anything ridiculous ("Imma writor! Nawt publishd, but I iz kewl!" *crickets chirp*), I probably won't even talk to them at all. This will be my first proper con after all, and I don't want to make a fool of myself. All I require of myself is to sit quietly, observe, listen, and gently practise my networking skills.

The last reason is...full participation Rocky Horror! Oh hay-YELL yeah! I haven't done a full dress, full partici....PATION RHPS in years. Fun with fun sauce and fun sprinkles eaten with a fun SPOON!

So, see you at Au Contraire if you're going.

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