Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good morning, brave new world

I have made a change.

I wouldn't call it a change of Life Reboot epic proportions, but it's certainly a Life Shift.

I have negotiated a four day working week.

One of the rules of this blog is that I won't talk about The Day Job. What happens in The Office stays in The Office; my opinions here do not reflect on or concern my employer. The only time I will mention them is in relation to how much time I get to write. Sure, I can amuse myself with daydreams of fully supporting myself with my writing, but only the lucky few get that privilege. I'll keep chugging away at the mortgage with a toothpick.

There will be weeks where I'll have to work five days for various reasons (sick leave, holidays, extended projects), but as it stands now fully fledged Writer Mondays are a reality.

Happy doesn't even begin to describe it. This is HUGE. It's like starting a new career.


  1. Dude, four day work week! We've a meeting next week to discuss the implementation of ours! You might inspire me to do something productive on that extra day if I decide to take advantage of it.