Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week In Linkage

  • YA author Janice Hardy gives a simple yet effective way to edit and revisit dialogue in "Hey! Who said that?" on her blog "The Other Side of the Story" (h/t: SF Signal)
  • Steve Harper Piziks at Book View Cafe Blog talks about What To Do and What Not To Do when you received an acceptance from a publisher or agent in "A Time To Squee". (via SF Signal)
  • I have recently started following Wil Wheaton on Twitter. So many people have said to me "but what has he done since Trek?" - well, lots. He's an interesting and entertaining blogger, podcaster, writer, science geek, game geek, and attends many conventions, outside of his acting career. Also, he doesn't age! Wesley Crusher is Immortal, I tell you!
  • Also on #FF - The Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Escape Artists - home of EscapePod, PodCastle and PseudoPod - are running a flash contest. The first month of entries, for their fantasy podcast PodCastle, closes April 30th. Click here for contest information, rules and how to enter.
  • I joined up at Kiwi Writers.

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