Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Voice Demo Reels - Now available in two delicious flavours!

I can haz vox demo reelz!

By calling them "reels", it really shows up that I started my radio training back when reel-to-reels were still used. Old school is old school. Not that I use them any more, or could remember how to use them. I think I got about six months worth of training on them before moving over to fully computerized production systems.

Anywho, my demo tracks can now be found on the right hand side of the blog, just under my details. They come in two exciting flavours - one is my voice acting and narration demo, including different accents and VA styles; the other is my standard radio voice, nearly all using my New Zealand accent, because all my radio work is NZ based (the one American accent in the radio demo was from my Broadcasting School student station, where we aped dance club radio).

Any questions or comments, just drop me a line or leave 'em here in comments. I'm happy to do test runs and auditions if a different accent or style is required.

I'd love to be able to do voice work for animation, games, audio books, podcasts, new media, radio of any stripe, TV, documentaries, corporates, movie foley...heck, I'll give anything a go just so long as it doesn't overly offend my sensibilities.

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