Monday, April 19, 2010

Writing and VA: Brokensea Audio - "Body Slam Alley"

How to classify BrokenSea's "Body Slam Alley". Possibly as a vanity project where my writing, voice acting and wrestling fandom collided in one evil mess.

A successful failure? It was one of those projects I started off with the best of intentions, but fizzled. It was fun to take a poke at so many cliches, but maybe it was all a little too "in-jokey".

I also began it at the end of my relationship with pro-wrestling, and I found it difficult to keep writing about an industry I no longer endorsed. A fan of almost 20 years, things went totally skew-whiff after the Benoit incident. Even before then I was having problems reconciling the role of women in modern pro-wrestling. Yes, I did miss out on the hey day of joshi puroresu.

So, going by my tenets of facing up to my failures, I present "Body Slam Alley"; a comedy serial in only four parts about life on-stage and off at a pro-wrestling company, the idea of which was born during the days of late 90s Fantasy Wrestling Leagues.

I wrote BSA with the help of my good friend Damaris, and I also played "SugarBABE" (that stands for Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire).

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