Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writing: Getting my ass kicked in the nicest of ways.

In the last few days I've been getting some incredibly useful reviews at the writers workshop I'm signed up at.

It just goes to show that I am nowhere near as good as I egotistically thought I was.

One reviewer in particularly gave me some excellent pointers on gay and PoC characters I was writing, and I felt like such a fool, but in a good way. Here I was thinking I was being so cool writing socially aware fiction and I'm totally screwing it up. Well, not totally but not thinking HARD enough about the characterisations.

I'm definitely not packing up my ball and heading home - this is the constructive criticism I really need. I find it so much easier to come from a stranger, because they're totally unbiased to my personality and ego.

This goes to show I need to slow down some of my "gotta get it out there" pace and not attempt to submit until I've been able to have a fresh look at a piece.

I've often used to think I'd be frustrated at having to re-think and re-write, but now I'm here I'm totally JAZZED. I'm definitely in what I call my "Obsessive Gemini" phase - that doesn't mean I believe in astrology, it means I get all excited about a project and sometimes that focus fizzles out when I don't get results. I'm getting excited/obsessive to a point that I'm distracted from everything else and I just want to go home and DO EEEEEEEEEET.

Oh darn, I just mentally splurged all over the blog. Clean up in aisle five!

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  1. That reviewer sounds like a picky asshole. You should fire him.

    Also, you sound like I do when I get a good review. I'm really glad you got some of those, instead of the OTHER kind. ;) Though to be fair, the few times I've gotten the OTHER kind, they've been hilarious, and I kept them just so I could look at them periodically and giggle.