Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing Editing Tuesday

I made mention yesterday that I had decided to make one day a week dedicated to Editing.

In the spirit of tightly structuring my writing schedule in an effort to stay focused, I've chosen Tuesday night as the time I open a piece and look at it with fresh eyes and sensibilities. It might be a work in progress that I know is only at first draft, or a piece that has been rejected and needs a revisit in an effort to clarify why it got rejected.

One of my mantras - one any good writer should have - is the oldie-but-a-goodie "Show, don't tell". Ok, cool. So how DO I show? Something I need to re-learn again. I'm telling ya, 15 years since writing anything of publication standard has seriously tainted my literary skills.

There are tons of blogs out there with "How Tos" and advice. One I've found recently - and I linked to her a couple weeks back - is Janice Hardy's "The Other Side of the Story". She has a standing date each Wednesday with "Re-Write Wednesday", and last week she wrote about the ol' "showing" technique in "Don't Tell Me Why". Simple, effective and hell...why didn't I get taught this at college? Oh that's right...they were too busy making us read dirgy Victorian fiction and watch dry-as-a-bone Shakespeare interpretations. How sad is it I only had 2 English teachers out of 5 years who ever taught me anything useful about WRITING (Ms. Angus and Trevor Blakeley, I salute you!).

Diversions...diversions...see that's my problem. Focus People!

Anywho, I have been beating myself up in recently thinking "I don't write enough new words" or "I'm scared of editing that piece" until I remember...up until 2 months ago I wasn't writing ANYTHING. Now I am. And submitting to publication

And that, in itself, is a bloody amazing feat.

Celebrate the little things.

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