Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mood: Crabbeh

New Word Count: Zero.

If there's one thing the last couple of weeks has proven to me, I want this BAD. With my writing time taken away from me (and impending yearly celebration of decrepitude), I'm chewing Lil' Devil Firestarters and thumb tacks.

I think it's even obvious to people who don't really know what I'm doing on my Writer Mondays. I've been telling them I'm working on "Personal Projects", and they've been saying to me I looked pissed off - "Not getting any work done on those projects of yours?". Hell to the NO.

What's the quote? "If you wake up thinking about nothing but wanting to be a writer, then that's what you should be."

Unfortunately, THINKING about it is all I've got at the moment. The best I can do is editing. I don't even have any rejections to comment on, part of that being because I don't have enough out there in the slush pile.

I've been so envious - but pleased for her being in a happy place - to watch NK Jemisin talk about her word count stats on Twitter in the last few days. Oh to have the space, time, drive and lack of distraction to write!

I'm glad the ideas are still coming, though. My subconscious is not burnt dead at all. It's really chucking up some good stuff lately.

Hang in there sanity. We'll return to your regularly scheduled broadcast in a few weeks time.

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