Monday, May 31, 2010

This Week in Linkage 31/5/2010

Meant to do this Friday, but I did my Racing Unicorn post instead. Here we go with...Stuff!

  • A Woman Scientist! Is Creating! The New Heat Shield! For the New Shuttles! ZOMG! "Kiwi Scientists Aiding NASA's New Space Shuttle Design"
  • I've been writing a lot of Flash fiction of late, not only for a project but because it's all I have time for. Flash is not as easy as you'd think to get right - with an economy of words, you have to characterize and world build very quickly. James Bloomer looks at why Flash Fiction is good practice for a writer of any stripe. (via SF Signal)
  • Steve Harper Piziks talks about What An Editor Does. Some excellent basic stuff here - good to know for a noobie like me (especially the stuff an editor DOESN'T do!). (via SF Signal)
  • Gaming my fave game, of course! ZAM talks to Bobby Stein and Ree Soesbee of ArenaNet in Part Two of Reinventing Tyria (Guild Wars 2), and I was most interested to read their comments about the voice artists and work involved.

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