Monday, May 3, 2010

This week in Revelling in Rejection

Rejection time!

Rejected by "Strange Horizons" for "Through the Open Door". Yeah, I was disappointed when I first got the email Saturday (been struggling with motivation and the ol' Writerz Fearz all week). Still, it was pretty ambitious to submit to one of the biggie e-zines on a first go. I have plans to revisit the piece soon on an Editing Tuesday (what I've now designated Tuesday nights) to apply a few things I've read about in some articles.

So, now that I'm over my disappointment, I'm fired up to revisit the piece and have a good ol' hack n slash. I do like the story very much, it's one I've had in my head for years.

I still have the other piece out there. Just hanging out for The Word. Ya know...checking my email every five minutes...obsessing...

I have two pieces in a competition, but it will be a month before I find out the fate of those lil' tykes.

While I now have a few Works In Progress (WiPs), I don't have anything near submitting standard. I'm torn on this - I REALLY would like to have more out there to keep me motivated and excited, but I also want to apply new found editing sensibilities to them and make the pieces as perfect as possible.

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