Monday, May 10, 2010

This Week in Revelling in Rejection

R E J E C T...this is what it means to me! Sock it to me!

This week's rejections brought to you by Aretha Franklin and Homer Simpson...a whole lotta "DOH!"

"Through The Open Door" was rejected by Clarkesworld after I gave it a clean up. Obviously I didn't clean it up enough, and pay attention on my proof reading because I was facepalming when I went over it again for submitting elsewhere. My spelling! My grammar! My...did I title the document wrong?

You bloody idiot! Oh well, bottoms up - it was a 5 salute weekend.

Also, an update on the upcoming month: I'm going to have to work 5 Mondays in a row as from next week. The concept hasn't sunk in yet, probably won't until I start getting itchy fingers and grumpy at myself for getting behind.

Oy. I need a drink.

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