Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be Eclectic! Be Be Eclectic!

There are some days I wish I had more than one lifetime.

I wish I could affect the world in so many ways; that I could be there to see inter-stellar space flight, that I could see a world of equality, peace, love and harmony. Yeah, despite my cynicism, I'm an optimist.

I wish I could get a degree in astrophysics: so I could read science fiction and fact without feeling so dumb; so I could write Science Fiction with confidence; so I could make a mark working for NASA. Women astronauts rule.

I wish I could get a degree in Women's Studies: so I could argue my position from a stronger stand point; so that I could be involved in law making; so that I could write with confidence about nuance.

I wish I had followed one of my hearts into journalism: so I was there at momentous occasions; so that I could work on incremental change.

I wish I had gone into politics or activism: so that I could make other women's voices be heard.

Then I remember there's no need or time for regrets. Do what you can. Don't let anyone say No. Read Read Read.

And use Google.


  1. >I wish I had followed one of my hearts

    Time Lord?

  2. Marie: Nah, Klingon. Built in redundancy.