Friday, June 4, 2010

Having The Right Attitude: Part One Billion

I read a blog post the other day entitled "Ways To Trash Your Writing Career: Cop a 'tude" by Judith Tarr over at the Book View Cafe.

Start a blog for all your rejections. Post each one in full, with names,
addresses, and phone numbers. Only redact the specifics of your submissions
Ulp. Well, I don't post details, just where I was rejected from.

Then–and this is crucial–once you’ve posted a rejection, make an unmistakable and ongoing point of trashing the person who wrote the rejection. Make detailed and preferably profane reference to their ignorance, stupidity, and malice in rejecting your heartbreaking work of staggering genius. Attribute only negative motives to all form rejections.
Oh, ok then. Phew. THAT'S NOT ME. Tarr is referring more to rejections from agents, but it can be applied right across the board. "Don't trash the publication you've been rejected from" works just as well too.

Seriously. How hard is it not to be an ass? Writing is a business. Writing is about networking. Don't piss off your potential employer. Once you're in the relationship, then you have more leeway to negotiate or talk semantics.

Honestly, the way I look at it, my rejections have something to teach me. Did I choose the wrong publication? Did I miss mistakes in my submission? Oh you have some personal feedback on the story - fantastic! Form letter - ok, so they're a busy market.

And if it IS personal? If your art really needs some work? Do the work. Get better. Ask for help. No one is a freaking writing god on first pass!

When the ball gets rolling, and my fingers a-typin' a bit more, some of what this blog will be about is enjoying my rejection. I laid it out from the beginning - my "Revelling in Rejection" posts will be gleeful little paeans to rejection. How many rejections can I rack up before "something" happens? I have this little mental image of me floor-running Homer Simpson-like, or diving into a pool of rejections Scrooge McDuck style.

I'm not sure what that "something" will be (notoriety in short SF? Impetus to start writing The Novel?), because I'm notorious for not making Long Term Plans, but when that something happens, I know this city will be built on rock n' rejections.

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