Thursday, June 17, 2010

Revelling In Rejection 17/6/2010

Happy to report another rejection.

Happy? Because it was an awesome rejection. It was a rejection that bespoke "Almost there...!"

Abyss and Apex rejected "Through The Open Door", and while the email wasn't long, involved or gave suggestions on how to Make It Better, the language was encouraging. I felt like it was saying "Hey, your writing doesn't suck, we're just over quota/it's just not the style we need right now". Thanks A&A for making it a positive experience - I'll definitely submit to them again without feeling like a Scruffy Nerf Herder.

I'm currently sitting on only three submissions round the traps, and I would really like to make it more. I have this idea of having a constantly revolving set of stories doing the rounds so that I feel busy, that I feel like I've got traction.

Rejection ROOLZ!

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