Friday, June 18, 2010

Revelling in Rejection Redux 18/6/2010

I've been sitting on this one for the last six weeks, unable to talk about it directly.

I had two pieces in the PodCastle Flash Competition. Both made great showings. "Tasty Maidens Inc" made the semi-finals. "Mid-Life Crisis" made the final, of which voting closed today, and it placed only one vote! Argh! Spoon to the heart!

It was quite nerve wracking watching the voting in the finals in the last week. Initially, MLC wasn't making a good showing, then it suddenly shot up into contention for third, battling with two other pieces.

Congratulations to Nathaniel Lee for "Fetch", I loved this piece. Also congrats to 2nd place winner Ramona Gardea for "Bibliophages", and 3rd place winner Alicia Caporaso for "The Water Sprite". All excellent competition.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the nice note!

    I think I was the one vote, too. I voted for "The Water Sprite" and determinedly kept my vote on "Cranberry Honey" even when it was clear that one wasn't going to make it...

    Mea culpa! Don't give up, though; I voted for "Mid-Life Crisis" in its first two rounds...