Friday, July 23, 2010

Ramblings from Pickled Mansion, fueled by caffeine.

I haven't written a blog post in the last week, because things have been on the quiet and steady front, writing wise.

I didn't feel up to writing a frontal assault on anything particularly nasty in the media lately, because I've been feeling emotionally burned out from debating the abortion and rape focus of the last couple of weeks. Couple that with negotiating the emotional mine-field of watching "Precious" (it is a fantastic movie, really challenging of privilege of what you may know about abuse and racism), and my ability to form coherent words was caput. So I've let it wash over me the last few days and waited for equilibrium to re-establish.

I really envy people who can blog about our screwed up world through a mist of red. Usually when I'm angry and attempt to write, it comes out as such: "That #$(*&$ing thing...that just happened...(*&$#&!...and things....and umm yeah something...#^&#$ Manda wanna hulk smash...change wurld nao!". Cripes, even @feministhulk is more coherent than I am when hulk smashing...

Back in Science Fiction Writer-ville, two things have become easier - the process and admitting I'm a writer. Applying butt to seat is very enjoyable, I wish I could do it full time and get paid for this, but I think that's a looooong way off. It's so enjoyable, it doesn't feel like work. I'm sure I'm looking at it as a starry-eyed noob, and there's much of the publishing industry I'm yet to be exposed to (including the nasty bits), but I'd hate to lose this cool feeling.

Admitting I'm a writer has flowed much easier since I've decided to "own my identity" as a writer. I've felt much more comfortable talking about what I've been doing, and talking up my near miss rejections. "It's only a matter of time" has become a standard phrase, and it's a nice boost to my ego. If I say it enough, I believe it.

The nuts n bolts of what I've been writing:
I'm prepping a piece which I'm really pleased with for entering into the Redstone's "Towards and Accessible Futures" competition - even if it doesn't succeed in the competition, I feel I've got a nice mix of space opera, sympathetic protag and romance going on that I could sell it anywhere. I even had it suggested to me that it could expand into a novel. So, I'm gonna let this world simmer in the back of my head for a while.

I also have designs on attempting to submit to Asimov's (GULP). I've been holding off from submitting there because...well...I'm shit scared. I couldn't say whether any of my stories are up to Asimov's standards, but *I* believe in them. I'll have to rattle my recalcitrance to choose a piece to submit there and tidy it up. I *think* I might try sending in the novelette I was pleased with myself over a couple weeks back.

I haven't been using Kiwi Writers as much as I should (for support, inspiration), but I saw their the "July Zing Thing" posted and a big wallop of inspiration hit me. I've struggled a bit with placing my Sci Fi in NZ, but this gave me a full formed scene in my head on the top of Mount Victoria. Not sure if I'll knock it off this weekend (because of dinner and dungeon engagements), but if nothing else it's given me inspiration.

Annnnd....I guess that means it's time for kittenz....


  1. I'm glad you're feeling encouraged. Rejections with content are a sign that you ARE getting close. It didn't feel like a matter of time when I was at that point, but... in fact it was. Don't be afraid to sub to Asimov's - Stan Schmidt of Analog always says authors shouldn't reject their own work (by not subbing), but submit and let the magazine editor decide if it meets their criteria. If it doesn't land there, it might somewhere else. Good luck!

  2. Yeah I haven't blogged for a little while either. The abortion and rape apologist debates are getting me down. And I too can't rage write very well. Not like QOT and some of the others. I get so angry that most of what I say doesn't make sense.

    I have Precious waiting for me at home. I rented it today to watch when I finish work. I've been putting off watching it. I hope it doesn't kill me too much.

  3. Hi Juliette, thank you so much for you kind words and coming over to my little blog :)

    B: Yes, definitely got to be in the right frame of mind for it. I don't think I was, coz it totally blasted me...but it was worth it to explore certain issues.