Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Week in Linkage 04/07/2010

  • The 26th Down Under Feminists Carnival is live, coming to you from A Shiny New Coin. If you've never had a wander through the carnival, it's a monthly round up of blog posts from New Zealand and Australia, well worth a cup of tea and some of your time. I'm totally stoked that PT got a mention...twice!
  • Jim C Hines brings it once more, with "Rape and The Police". Thanks for speaking up Jim. The ladies appreciate the support. Jim not only blogs about whatever is on this mind, but also his writing - Jim is a fantasy writer who is currently working on a series about "butt kicking princesses". (via @jimchines)
  • It's a Female Singularity! Annalee Newitz tells us about "Three ways that women are about to change the world" over at i09.
  • Ctrl-F, replace. It sounds like Writing 101, but "Word Repetition and Sundry" as reinforced by Marshall Payne is always worth being reminded of. (via SFSignal)
  • "Dressing Up Like a Girl: Two guys talk about writing the other". Jeremy L.C. Jones and Danny Pelletier come at it from different angles over at BookLife. (via SFSignal)
  • Welcome to Slush Pile Hell, where a "grumpy literary agent wades through query fails". It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so blind to their bad writing...
  • In the last week, I have been reading up a bit on woman and comic geekery. "Wonder Woman in pants is not a feminist win" (from Jezebel) and the subsequent branching debate in comic fandom got me revisiting my long neglected of idea of picking up some comics, so that I have a rudimentry idea of their history. Because of the debate about Wondy's pants (and suddenly realizing her awesome feminist history) I've decided to start investing in the WW back catalog.
  • "How to fight ableism: some easy steps" by jadelennox asks that we go beyond blogging about language or Media Fail, and apply what we know to our work places. I'm on to it! (via Geek Feminism)

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