Monday, July 12, 2010

This Week in Linkage 12/07/2010

  • Voting in the EscapePod listener's choice Flash Fiction competition is underway. Same rules and same format as the PodCastle flash competition. To read and vote you must be a member of the forums.
  • Deborah J Ross blogs about "Writing Warm Ups" over at Book View Cafe. I'm a "leap in" writer, because I know if I get distracted I won't get started. PT comes AFTER writing time. I do like some of the other suggestions. I may revisit them if I have serious motivation issues.
  • "Adventures in Editing" by yuki-onna at "Rules for Anchorites", talks about making your opening short story paragraph something special to capture people's (the editors) attention. "Don't bury the lede. There is no reason not to open with: GHOSTPIGS MOTHERFUCKERS." Srsly. I absolutely make sure my first para, nay my first sentence, is writ cool.
  • Garland Grey at Tiger Beatdown has at the latest Twilight movie in "Are you not entertained?: The inevitable Twilight review", with the usual TBD gusto. "Make fun of and eviscerate cultural artifacts and behaviors, but not people. When you meet a Twilight fan, don’t spit out Harry Potter agitprop at them or ridicule them for their choices. Just ask them if they feel at all conflicted about the series."
  • If I'd posted Linkage earlier, I would have posted about WoW instituting their "RealID" system on the forums...allowing people's real names to be made public. I first read about in "WoW Fail" over at Shakesville. Then Quinnae wrote about the privacy implications this will have for women and GLBT in "World of Warshaft (On RealID)" over at The Border House. Then on Friday, after a firestorm of feedback, Blizzard backpedalled, as reported by Kotaku in "Blizzard scraps plans to display real names in forums".
  • Welcome "Lady News" to the New Zealand feminist blogosphere. "Information in bite sized pieces for the feeble lady brain." Hee.

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