Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Week in Linkage 27/07/2010

  • Dee from "Just a Girl, lost in Azeroth" examines female body image in World of Warcraft with "The Female Horde". It's an excellent exploration of what game designers have done right with female character design. This is something I've thought about for a while in relation to Guild Wars, and I might explore this further as pertains to my female GW characters. (via @cnstoker)
  • I'm a massive fan of Michael Whelan, and I'm excited to see him return to cover art (Tor.com). There was a time I would choose a book because he did the art, and it's how I discovered Melanie Rawn and Tad Williams.
  • Lisa Shearin at The Magic District blogs about "You Gotta Want It Bad" in her "5 Things I've Learned About Writing". Oh yeah, I want it bad want your bad romance... (via SFSignal)
  • Jim C Hines continues talking about rape in "False Rape Reports", their rarity, and they harm they perpetuate on getting justice for rape victims. Once again, thanks Jim. (via @jimchines)
  • Editormum has a list of open sf/f/h short story markets in Australia. Very useful! (via @tansyrr)
  • Mad World - No Girls Allowed: File Sharing Culture and BitTorrent. A video at Bitch Magazine discussed why geek girls are blocked from full participation in technology and file sharing. Hell to the yeah am I sick of looking at titty and fat shaming advertising when I try to do my geek life! (via @cnstoker)
  • ETA: Just discovered this one though call for submissions have been on since the start of the year...yeah yeah, I know, I'm still navigating all the markets that are open to me. Realms of Fantasy are doing a Women In Fantasy special issue, open to women writers only, submissions close November 15th. I better get planning!

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