Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week in Revelling in Rejection 28/07/2010

This week's update is short n' sweet.

"Anthropology, Redacted" made the quarter finals of the EscapePod flash competition. It placed third equal in it's quarter final and the editors had to make the call on which one would go through. Not me *wry grin*. Ah well. I've already revisited it, and submitted it elsewhere.

"SEP" bombed out of it's heat. I've chucked it on the scrap heap. Even I can recognize when something isn't very good and needs a complete start over.

I'm waiting on a reply on another submission from elsewhere...well, the magazine's turnaround did state "30 days or less", and it's been more than that. Yeah, yeah...I'm impatient, I'm terrible, I'll suck it up. It's either one of three things: their slush pile is way massive; my email got lost in a spam filter; or they've fallen to their knees to worship my brilliance. I'm going with massive slush pile.

I have two other pieces I'm on the cusp of submitting. I want to sit on them for a few more days, so I'm happy with their polish.

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