Sunday, August 22, 2010

The first rule of Rejection Club 22/08/2010

Here's a rejection I am thoroughly stoked about.

Entered "Slingshot" in Redstone's Towards An Accessible Future competition, where the charter was to write about disability in a SF in a positive light. I didn't win the competition, but my rejection came with very favourable feedback - my story had been considered in the top three!

*happy dance*

I'm really really pleased with this story. I wrote a really engaging protag. In fact, she is (so far) my favourite character in anything I've written. It's a fun space opera-ey setting. I can even imagine spinning it out to book length...when I get to the point with my confidence that I think I'm ready to commit to a book.

I've decided that this Write Monday is going to be dedicated to editing and re-writing. I have a handful of raw stories and rejections that need revisits, and it would be good to get them workshop or submission ready.

Yay Me! That makes me feel really good.

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