Monday, August 30, 2010

Found in a second hand book store

As per usual, I came home from a trip away with an armful of books. While book shopping in Arty Bees today (love that store), I found a 1984 edition of Joanna Russ' "How to Suppress Women's Writing".

Front cover of Joanna Russ' book How To Suppress Women's Writing, the text describes many ways in which to put a woman's writing down

I was very happy to find this book after a recommendation by Tansy Rayner Roberts in a recent blog post.

Second Hand Book Store Serendipity is beautiful. Inscriptions from previous owners can tell a wonderful story, trace a history of the book. I actually had a choice of two battered copies of the book. The one I chose was because of the following inscription on the inside cover:

A hand written note which says: To Meliors, so she won't have to re-educate herself at 40, love mom
[Image: Inscription reads "For Meliors, So she won't have to re-educate herself at forty. Love, Mom"]

Whoever and wherever you are Meliors, I hope you got the education you deserved.


  1. That is awesome. Very cool. There is nothing better than a great find at a second-hand bookstore.

  2. Ah, the education continues, as does my Russ reading, and my own irrepressible writing. Glad to see this gift has found another good home (and it must have been waiting at Arty Bees nearly six years since I sold everything and left town).

  3. Meliors

    Oh wow, I'm blown away that you saw this and took time to comment. Serendipity continues! Thank you so much.

    Yes, the book will be well loved and studied. :)

  4. My mother adds "I bought 5 copies of the book to give to friends I cared about and young women who wanted to write."

    I was pointed to this post by my friend Jemma

  5. Well, your mum rocks :) You can tell her it's the gift that keeps on giving.

    And thank you to your friend for pointing you here.