Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's my Rejection and I'll pout if I want to edit: 5/8/2010

"Polly Ticks", rejected by Semaphore magazine. Already sent it elsewhere.

Also, had a submission lost in the spam filter at another mag. Have resubmitted. Still waiting.

Edit: I have had a rush of rejections in just the last 24 hours, so I thought I'd combine all my rejection posts for this week into one.

The second rejection was "Me Myself I" with a form letter from Electric Velocipede. Currently deciding on a new market to send it to.

And number three was "Anthropology, Redacted", rejected by Daily Science Fiction.

And she's down on the mat...and one...and two...

I also had to have a wee laugh and noobsob to myself. Via Twitter, Analee Newitz (i09 Editor) said today: "aspiring freelancers: do not begin pitch email with "this was already rejected by [competing publication] - maybe you want it?""

Yum, my foot is SO TASTY. DON'T ask me what I was thinking when I did something very similar, I'm learning, mmmkay? Yup, I so deserve the rejection if I do that.

Time to do the noob dance to the noob song...

...and at the same time, the happy dance to CC Penniston's "Finally". Down with Prop 8!!!

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