Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's off to Au Contraire I go!

I know I haven't blogged much in the last wee while. True to form I start with a bang, and trail out to a fizz. I never said my life was interesting, just full of rejection, and peaks and troughs!

The last two or three weeks have been filled with setbacks of one form or another, usually of my own making. Anxieties, procrastination, missteps, lack of positive head space, and now being sick *hack hack parp*. It's all stuff I'm working on and recognizing that I can't just avoid my foibles by burying myself in a book or game or crafts - those stories won't write and edit themselves.

But this weekend is slightly different. I'm going to be away from writing for yet another Monday (this past Monday I spent in bed sick), but I'm still going to be doing something to help my writing along. Namely, learning a bit about the industry. My Au Contraire printed timetable is a mess of green highlighter, and it looks like I'll be on the go from start to finish each day. Phew! This is my first convention, so what may seem normal to some is all novelty to me. Kid in a candy shop, look out! Going to have to somehow pace myself, or I could be in for a mean-ass crash halfway through.

My editing To Do list has got quite big, but I think I'll live with it if the con weekend goes off with a blast.

Come say hi!* I'll be helping out with the Radio Play Workshop, for starters.

*stalkers and creepy bods not welcome

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