Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Linkages and Introductions 24/08/2010

  • Recently I have started reading RMJ's "Deeply Problematic". I love her writing style, it's so clear and concise, and she has a lot of interesting things to write about in regards to feminism and activism. For example, lately she has been attempting to define certain vernacular, like kyriachy and cis. Another piece I enjoyed, and which had me nodding along in recognition was "Teenage Girls and Internalized Sexism". I also liked the piece "Fat is an adjective, not an attack". Have a wander through her archives, there's plenty of great reading!
  • From Deeply Problematic, I discovered "Questionable Content", a weekday webcomic about a group of indie music loving 20-somethings. The comic is not afraid to tackle subjects like sex, mental health, disability and culture. The comic has actually been running since 2003, so I'm still catching up on it, but so far it's been an excellent read. A criticism I'd offer (one which RMJ at DP has pointed out, amongst others) is that it sometimes uses ableist language.
  • A book I've finished reading this week is Gail Carriger's "Soulless", a fun sexy romp around Victorian London with werewolves, vampires and parasols, oh my. I've been reading such a lot of heavy stuff recently (been dipping into "Daughter's of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the 20th Century", and a Locus Awards anthology) that I'd forgotten what it was like to chill out and read something fluffy. I also admit to not having been interested in romantic fiction for a long long time, and Carriger's book surprised and delighted me with it's mix of steampunk and sex. Alexia Tarabotti is also wonderfully snarky with her charming Victorian smackdown. I look forward to reading the sequels "Changeless" and "Blameless".
  • Cheryl Morgan (who I am looking forward to hearing speak at Au Contraire) has posted a length missive on "Changing images of trans people in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature". It's a long post, but stick with it, it's excellent stuff.

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