Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A writerly update of the six month kind

It's been six months, or thereabouts, since I started my writerly journey. While I have my ticker, and I regularly update about my rejections, I thought a little statistical update might put these months into context.

This update is for me as well, to give myself a little self-motivational cheer leading.

Numbers of stories I have written: 15

Approximate number of words (without edits): 58 000

Stories submitted: 7

Number of submissions made to magazines and online publications: 22

Number of contest entries made: 5

Number of close, but no cigar: 3

Sales: 0

What surprises me most is the approximate number of words written. I'm rather scared of making plans about a novel, but seeing that 58K number coming from aggregate sources over six months is heartening. I know I can do it if I put my energy into it. However, a novel is a completely different beast because it's such a large devotion of time and I am really loving writing short fiction at the moment.

So hello void, I'm still shouting, but you haven't defeated me yet.

Litres of blood, sweat and tears expended: infinite

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