Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Books Smoosh Links 13/10/2010

  • The first book that I'm excited about coming out soon is NK Jemisin's "The Broken Kingdoms", due the start of November. She has sample chapters up at her website for a taster, Chapter One Here, Chapter Two Here. I'm being very good and not reading them because I want to inhale the book once I get my paws on it!
  • Wellingtonian Philippa Ballantine's latest "Geist" is due out in a couple of weeks. Check out her website to find out how you can pre-order, or check out all her other projects in podcasting and writerly worlds! I have it on my wishlist at The Nile.
  • Local author Lila Richard's is launching her dark fantasy "A Different Hunger" on Halloween. Details here about the launch party.
  • Helen Lowe's (yes, another local author!) "The Heir of Night" was released this month, and to celebrate she has been running a series of guest blogs on her site, under the banner of "Why Fantasy and Science Fiction rock my world".
  • Nial Harrison at Torque Control talks about "Women and the Clarke Award", discussing the state of women SF writers, with some focus on British female authors. (via SFSignal
  • A writing focus of late has been practising dialogue. At TalkToYoUniverse, Juliette Wade has advice about Internalization, Silence and Avoidance. In other words, your characters don't have to vocalize everything in their heads! Thanks for the reminder Juliette!
  • Over at my favourite podcast group Escape Artists, EscapePod editor Mur Lafferty has announced that EP is putting its first run rates to pro-level! Yay!
  • And to finish off, a timely and welcome rant from NK Jemisin on "The "harm" of political correctness". The corruption of the term political correctness into "PC gone mad!" or "PC nanny state!" or "PC whiners!" creates new universes between my molars.
    Jemisin says: "Have the courage of your convictions. Don’t downplay them, rationalize them, or pretend that you’re the aggrieved party — because no matter how you try to paint yourself as a brave crusader against the thought police, or the innocent victim of the anti-bigotry hordes, nobody’s buying it, except maybe your fellow whiners. Everybody else just thinks you’re stupid and a coward, on top of being selfish and sadistic."

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