Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Link Salad, with a side of Link dressing 5/10/2010

  • The Language of Rejection Letters Part One: Gabrielle Edits "Reading Between The Lines" gives some tips on how NOT to read between the lines of rejection letters. If it's a form letter, there really is nothing in it - it's simply to save time.  (via SFSignal)
  • The Language of Rejection Letters Part Two: Rachelle Gardner's "Why, oh why, did I get rejected?" is focused on agent rejections, but it still rings true for manuscript submissions. Sometimes you have to hear some hard news. (via SFSignal)
  • In the ongoing pursuit of adjusting my language away from ableism, I love how Raising My Boychick explains why the word crazy hurts so much, in "On the ubiquitous use of "crazy"". "No one is asking or expecting that you do it all at once. Just that you try. And I bet you’ll succeed, because it is just a tiny little word."
  • Spilt Milk does turn-it-on-its-head social commentary with this piece of Sci (Sigh?) Fi, "The Good Wife"
  • The Hand Mirror has a good link round up about the Paul Henry problem in "How bad does it have to get to be fired?" Suggestions here on positive action to get this racist, ableist, sexist, elitist jerk off our screens. NB: I have never, and will never, watch this moron. Lock him in a room with Howard Stern, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh post haste.

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