Thursday, October 21, 2010

Links Schminks 21/10/2010

  • "Career Advice for Young Writers" by Trent Jamieson can apply to new writers of any age (hello!). It's the "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" for writers. Basically - hang in there, keep doing what you're doing.
  • Over at i09, "15 classic science fiction and fantasy novels that publishers rejected". Said about Joanna Russ' "The Female Man", "I'm sick and tired of these kinds of women's novels that are just one long whiny complaint." Huh, o rly?
  • Juliette Wade at TalkToYoUniverse has some helpful advice when writing about body language, something which has been a focus in one of my current pieces. "Body Language: Are There Cliches?"
  • Everyone's sharing it, and I'll join the bandwagon too, again: John Scalzi's "Things I Don't Have To Think About Today"
  • OMG THIS: "Novels don't need to be nice" by John Lucas at The Guardian's Book Blog. I've tried to write a couple of morally ambiguous characters, and critiquers claimed the story failed because they weren't "nice" or their actions didn't make sense if they were meant to be "normal" people. Ya know what? Arbitrarily assigned "normal" people can be jerks too. Yeah, even me! (via SFSignal)
  • "The Female Flowchart", originating at Overthinking It (and in this case, overthinking things without any thought at all) has been making the rounds of teh interwebs, telling women culture consumers and writers that, once again, there are no good female characters. Whatsoever. Full stop. Coz we're emoshunul. And Tropey. And stereotypes. And One Dimenshunul. The best takedown and link-about can be found at "Feminism, and how I thought we'd been over this already" by HavocTheCat (via Shakesville)

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