Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey look, commentary stuff!

So it seems my piece on Stephen Fry has been making it's meandering way around teh interwebs, even hitting Reddit for a few days. It has become my most read piece, reaching over 1200 views.

So, welcome new viewers. My place isn't always about politics or activism. It's my place to talk about writing too. Does what the headline says  - writing, voice, geekery, hulk smashy stuff.

Of course, not all viewers are, or will be, nice. A few have seen an OMG Woman Being Wrong on the Interwebs, and have taken it upon themselves to mansplain.  No thanks, not here.

Therefore I have made a commentary policy. Fairly bog standard: you piss me off, you go bye-byes. This is my safe space, and I make the rules. Also, I can and will change this commentary policy and automatic commenting at any time.

This is not a Choose Your Own Adventure. If you disagree with my commentary policy, see step one.

ETA: As above re: arbitrary changes to my comment policy: I have temporarily enabled comment moderation, because some people seem incapable of reading and following guidelines.

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