Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sparkly, Shiny Links 24/11/2010

  • Oh my giddy aunt. Hasn't this just been dominating the conversation of late? Claire Connelly at The Drum Unleashed at deconstructs 'what the nice guys are saying about Stephen Fry' in "Some well-meaning men and the dominant gender paradigm". Obvious warning: If you want to retain your blood pressure at a good level, don't read the comment section.

    Says Connelly: "a lot of nice guys truly believe they are engaged in trying to reverse the dominant gender paradigm, but sexist remarks tend to sneak in anyhow. This is for me, at the very heart of the issue: that even the most well-meaning men don't recognise the damage they are doing to gender relations by continuing to make women responsible for the status quo, and fail to understand that women are as much a victim of this paradigm as they are".
  • Over at What Tami Said: "In support of feminist bloggers". Tami tries to deconstruct in the simplest of terms why feminist bloggers write they way they do, and how this has influenced a new generation of feminists, and intellectual think. I agree with her - discovering social justice online has made me a smarter person, as it constantly links me through to different discussions. It really has taught me more than any paid for, bookish education. (via Shakesville)
  • The delightful Garland Grey takes on Privilege Denying Dude (RIP!) and the concept of privilege in general in "A Very Special Episode of Grey Areas: Privilege Denying Dude Edition" over at Tiger Beatdown. If you really need a dude to explain privilege to you (in case a woman's voice is just Not Enough), Garland's your man.

    "Over time, you see WHY the rules of engagement in Social Justice spaces have to flow from the positions of least power. Because if we let [Guy who seems to derive all of his self-respect from his denial of racism and sexism] set the agenda, he will declare that privilege doesn’t exist. And if we concede concepts like “Privilege” or “Mansplaining” or “Kyriarchy” or “Rape Culture” or “Systemic Oppression” – if we let those structural concepts and theoretical matrices be taken from us, we must essentially fight every battle from scratch."
  • No Pink Princesses? Yay! Oh, no female leads of any type? Not so yay. "Disney's male execs to stop making movies starring girls" by Margot Magowan at Ms. Magazine Blog. Disney, I has a disappoint. To trot out a tired old phrase: "Uncle Walt would not be happy with what you've done to his legacy". (via @msmagazine)
  • I went to check out Magowan's blog ReelGirl after reading this piece, and discovered a lovely feminist deconstruction of Willow Smith's "I Whip My Hair" in "ReelGirl Star of the Week: Willow Smith". Who would have thought a song so simple, could be so much fun, so enthusiastic and so freeing of image stereotypes!
  • This is what my writing career may end up looking like, and I have to be prepared. Chris McKitterick has "Thoughts on piracy, freedom, and making a living as a writer" at his blog "The Stars, My Destination" (via SF Signal)
  • "Queering SF: Writing Queer - Languages of Power" by Brit Mandelo at talks about how especially important it is to get the descriptions of and words used by queer characters right, so that their worlds and their motives ring true. This is especially important to me right now, because I have been writing so many queer characters, and I am very concerned about getting them right. (via SF Signal)

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