Tuesday, November 23, 2010

VA: "Life Flashes By" - a video game by Deirdra Kiai

This one is So. Cool. I'm so proud of this one - it's my first video game!

Deirdra Kiai Productions presents "Life Flashes By" - 'a game about what might have been'.

Four cartoon characters, one a fairy with wings, stand in a shop

Deirdra describes the story as such: "Life Flashes By is a video game about success and failure in following one’s dreams, about finding love and losing it, and about feeling isolated and out of step with the rest of the world."

In this game I voiced young Charlotte with a very prim, young lady British accent, and teenage Charlotte with a Canadian/British accent mix. Deirdra has also added my name to a credits page.

Deirdra is an independent game developer from Vancouver, with a penchant for the sousaphone.

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