Monday, December 13, 2010

The Author at Christmas

So my hair is purple again (huzzah!) and I have just completed my last full writing day before The Holidays (with a capital Tea and a Capital Haitch)

Next week I'll have to work full time (boo!) because, you know, the week before Christmas (yay) and all that (boo retail hell).  Then the Monday after that I'll still be on culturally and familial imposed holiday (yay). Then the Monday after THAT will be another public holiday, which I think I'll still be hungover during. So that'll be three Mondays I'm going to miss out on. Hopefully I'll be able to do some bits and pieces - aim for 250-500 words or some editing a night mebbe - but it's gonna be messy.

In the spirit of the month, I had a go at starting two different Christmas based stories, but they just didn't take. I guess it felt weird writing something now when I know by the time I'll finish them it'll be irrelevant. So maybe I'll revisit them middle of next year, in preperation for selling them around Christmas time. Still, felt a bit crap to abandon two stories in a row, because they just didn't feel right for me.

A little amused and perplexed that after those two weeks of meh-ness when it comes to New Word Mondays, I suddenly hit a good streak just before I take some down time. Still, I usually find a way and time to make things happen if I really like the latest masterpiece, and I doooooo. It's super creepy cool. I never thought I could write horror, but it seems I'm dabbling, thanks to my super squicked out subconscious that threw up a trippy dream at me last night.

Yes, this is the second story I'm writing directly from a dream! Gawd, don't groan, I know.  It's inspiration cliche, right? But I swear, my dreams were on acid last night. And I LIKE IT. The last time I wrote a story straight from a dream was "Through the Open Door" (and look how many rejections that's got, ha!)

So I'm on the up-wave of feeling writerly good at the moment, what with two stories being published this month (omg, how did that happen again? Is this my life?), and inspiration coming in droves. I was seriously getting worried there for a few weeks, I was going through a dry patch. I'm happy that I'll have plenty of ideas to return to after The Holidays.

Hope the silly season is treating you ok. Here, have some Darren, to make it nice 'n sweet.

Video: Darren Hayes performing "Last Christmas"

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