Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jingle Links, Jingle Links, Jingle All The Way 1/12/2010

  • The Mistress of the Lash Wears Chains. Over at The Border House, Quinnae dissects bad matriarchal society and female sexuality tropes in fantasy and gaming. "Driving these depictions is a pantomime of female sexual and social power that is readily adapted into a form that exists only at the expense of men, and thus becomes the ‘male-nightmare.’"
  • Stung by gender bias, author Tawni O'Dell stings back. If you think male-gendering an author's name, sexualizing a female author, or making up a back ground for a female author is so 50-100 years ago, think again. "I stood by blowing on my hands and stomping my feet to keep warm when suddenly he turned to me, eyed me up and down, and proclaimed, "We need to tease her hair. I want glitter. Lots of glitter, and the clothes will have to go." "You want me to be naked?" I spluttered."
  • Blogger Edman got all sad face that Privilege Denying Dude was being shut down, so offered up his smug mug to be the new face of PDD.
  • Jezebel is in the shitter for posting a rape apologist screed that has left readers anywhere from scratching their heads to raging apopleptic to scared and shaken. Calm rage eminated from Sady at Tiger Beatdown in "So, just so we're clear...", and then "Updates!". So many people are left asking "What the hell Jez?" (QoT), and trying to figure out why Jez would betray a safe space for women (they now come out and say it isn't - why, um, thanks for all those "safe" post-your-experience-so-women-can-learn-sharing moments), or use a woman-centric space to pimp a friend or personal project (totes anonymous!), or post some clap-trap to gin up page views (don't get money from page views, totes honest!). All in all - congrats Jez on disenfranchising a large chunk of your readership. You won't be getting my eyeballs anymore. Still, for a parent company with Gawker, Kotaku,  Deadspin etc under their umbrella, I guess I was naive to expect more, expect better. Good to know women are just mouldable clicks...
  • Nicola Morgan at Help! I Need a Publisher blogs about "Investing in your writing". She goes beyond the usual rhetoric of how much time and courage is needed to become a writer, but how far you should consider going in financially investing in workshops and conferences. (via SFSignal)
  • Ninja Edit, because I knew I'd forgotten one: "Women Don't Negotiate" by s.e. smith over at This Ain't Living. "Surely, women being unwilling or unable to negotiate when it comes to pay scales has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that women are trained not to engage in that sort of activity and taught not to ask for more." 

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