Friday, January 14, 2011

Link-like Things 14/1/2011

  • I'm pleased and proud that former Podcastle team mate Rachel Swirsky's writing career is garnering the attention it deserves. For more of her fantastic writing, check out "The Monster's Million Faces" available at (trigger warning for scenes of sexual abuse and violence). Almost like a tag team for the story, Rachel did a blog post called "Writing and Mortality" over at The Big Other, about recognizing and balancing the priorities of writing as art versus being a job.
  • After writing her "Freelancers Survival Guide" (available free online, and to buy as a print book), Kristine Kathryn Rusch is now writing a series of posts under the banner of "The Business Rusch". While always about the publishing industry, a lot of the blog is about that, or uses the publishing industry as examples. Just as her Freelancers Guide is a great handbook for writers, so too is this series of posts informative about what a writer needs to know to survive in the changing climate of publishing. Recent posts that have interested me were "Rapid Change" (talking about how the conversion from print books to e-books may move more quickly than anticipated) and "More about midlist writers" (and what the e-book revolution will mean to them).
  • "Feminism Needs Better PR" by Jamilah Lemieux
    at Clutch.
  • Rachelle Gardner at Rants and Ramblings tells us a story about "When Publishing Dreams Become a Nightmare". Just like any business, a good dose of reality can help show that being a writer isn't all kittens, daisy and sunshine! (via SFSignal)
  • Here's a useful tip from The Other Side of the Story: "Wait! Back up: Protecting your writing files". I currently back up on to a flash drive, but having remote storage like Dropbox (of which I have an account) would be useful. Remember that panic when my computer crashed? Yeah. (via SFSignal)

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