Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Year Rejections 5/1/2011

"Polly Ticks" rejected by Electric Spec by form letter.

"Me Myself I" rejected by Asimovs by form letter.

Both these rejections came just before the year ended, so I can (stupidly) say I have as yet had no rejections in 2011! Snerk.

I was ridiculously getting my hopes up about the Asimovs submission, and not because that story was on it's ninth pass through the traps. They took a little longer to reply, and I was all "Ohh! Maybe they're looking a little closer at it", when it was probably more "Hey, it's Christmas, things are a bit sluggish". Hey, a girl's gotta dream. One of these days I'll be published in Asimovs, and your little dog too! *shake fist*

I've been flip flopping between guilt and relief the last three weeks, because I haven't got any writing done. On one hand, it's been really nice to let the brain relax. On the other, I feel slowed down and lazy compared to many writers I see blogging and twittering about what they've been doing over the holidays. Another problem with taking an extended break from writing means I'm out of the swing of the routine, and I might have motivation problems getting back into it. Hey, I ALWAYS have motivation problems, so I don't know why I'd make it harder on myself. But I'm a masochist like that.

Procrastination cat will do it tomorrow


  1. OMG! That cat looks just like mine.

    /largely irrelevant comment

  2. Irrelevant cat is not irrelevant. Just snuggly.

  3. [As usual I can't get anything Google to work for me properly, so many apologies if my comment - if it gets there at all! - has come out 3 times]

    COMMENT: You seem like that rare thing: a cat person!...? Like me (always did prefer cats to dogs as I'm noise-hating and fastidious).

    Also, are you by any chance an Asimov fan as well...? And one who writes about this too? If you do, I'd love to read your fic (Fanfic? - or does this make you shudder...) Especially if it's about Asimov's robots!

  4. Hey CatBar :) No, not an Asimov fan, though I've read some of his work. When I talk about being rejected by Asimovs, I mean the Asimovs Science Fiction magazine.

    I don't write fanfic. I'm of the school that doesn't believe in it, but I just ignore it rather than actively campaign against it, unless it starts infringing on copyright.

    Two of my pieces are available online, but they are both fantasy. No SF published yet.