Friday, January 7, 2011

On The Reading List, January 2011

As per usual, I have a huge stack of books awaiting me. All cover pictures contain links.

I've been chomping at the bit to get into the sequel to Jemisin's "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms", I loved it so much. Reading it now, and trying not to hurry so I can enjoy it's delicious goodness!

In my ongoing mission to read masterworks and master writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy, I've finally got a copy of some Butler. I've read some of her short fiction, and I'm looking forward to reading her novels.

Having read "How To Suppress Women's Writing", I've had Russ' "The Female Man" on my list of Must Read Classic Feminist SF for quite a while.

Helen is part of my monthly writing group I meet with, and I'm quite tickled to have a book on my list to read by someone I know.

I've been reading Catherynne M Valente's blog and short stories, and following her on Twitter for a while, and have been intrigued by her rich prose. She currently has a new book just released called "The Habitation of the Blessed", but I had this one recommended to me originally for it's explorations of gender and sexuality.

Recommended by Tansy Rayner Roberts, I'll be adding this one to my collection of text books and anthologies about Feminist SF&F.

Just received! I won a copy of Justine Larbalestier's "Liar" through a competition she ran on Twitter, and I was thrilled to discover upon opening the package that she had signed it for me. That means a great deal, considering her struggles with injuries and repetitive strain.

Recommended via a discussion of the decades best female authored SF at

I've been reading this one on and off over the last few weeks. I will finish it eventually, because it is a seminal piece of feminist SF, but I'm finding it a little haphazard in quality. However, I plan to blog about the cover of the edition I have, because it's a shocking beauty of 80s cover porn!

Stoked to find this one in a second hand book store.

More second hand bookstore goodies. I like reading the short stories of an author sometimes to get a feel for their style.

Finished, but I wanted to put this on the list to say how much I love it. It's not very often I devour a book in a day, but when I picked up Varley's "Titan", I was blow away by Cirocco Jones. What an awesome character. And the issues he tackles - wow! This book has very quickly become one of my Top Ten of all time. Cover shown here isn't the early 80s version I found in a second hand bookstore.


  1. I love book lists.
    So much potential!
    My sister and I often swap books which I LOVE because I know I will like the ones she gives me AND I dont pay!
    hooray for the double win!

  2. I love the smell and feel of fresh new books. 2nd hand books have a charm of old covers and having been well loved, but the new paper smell of new books is heavenly. Open a box from The Nile and it POUFS up at me. Mmmmm.

  3. That Snow Queen cover is awesome. I so often think pulp fiction or sci-fi book covers would make awesome art work if you could blow them up.

  4. You have just recognized the awesomeness of Michael Whelan, B. I love love LOVE his artwork.

    There are probably lots of albums and book covers you know that have his art. For example: Meat Loaf's Bat out of Hell 2 cover? Michael Whelan. Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight? Michael Whelan. Melanie Rawn's Sunrunner series? Tad Williams Otherland series? Michael "Freakin' Awesome" Whelan.

    I have one of his famous paintings on my wall, and I cried with joy when I got it.

  5. No way! Bat out of Hell 2? Must have something of his.