Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Rejections 12/1/2011

"The Ten Thousand Steps" rejected by Clarkesworld by form response. I'll give it to Clarkesworld Magazine - for one of the bigger online e-zines their turnaround on slush is exemplary.

"Polly Ticks" rejected by Shadows and Tall Trees by form response.

"Slingshot" rejected by Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. Even thought it was a form snail mail letter it was hand signed by editor Stanley Schmidt! That's class!

I have a philosophy about submissions sitting for a long time in slush piles:
The editor/slush readers are busy because they are a big name magazine;
The editor is busy because its a "for the love of" magazine;
They're taking the time to read my story closer.

Of the two snail mail submissions I made at the same time in December to two big name magazines, Fantasy and Science Fiction got back to me reasonably pronto, while Analog only got back to me now.

Ok, so the letter was actually dated mid-December, and the postmark was a week ago AND the US has been under blizzard conditions...and I KNEW this would be the reason...but hey, I'm allowed to fool myself just a teency eency bit to keep my spirits up.

That they got back to me at all is awesome.

NO. You may not see the wizard!! Now go away

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