Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moar Rejection 08/02/2011

"The Woman With Flowers In Her Hair" rejected by Basement Stories by form letter.

"Halfway Between Asleep and Dead" rejected by The Absent Willow Review by a very kind form letter.

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...


  1. Aww. sorry to hear that.
    But the kitten is so cute I already moved on to a different type of Awwww (this one higher pitched).
    You lose your audiance with that stuff!!

  2. I wanna keep coming back to the blog if, for no other reason, that to get a lolcats fix. :-)

  3. Haha, well you could always go to the source for LOLcats ;)

    I know, isn't it ridiculously cute. I'm sure Cheezburger was invented for people stuck in offices in need of their blood pressure and stress levels to go down.

  4. I know - I used to subscribe to cheezburger, but found I didn't get the time to enjoy.

    I still miss my kittycat.

    Sorry - I always feel compelled to share this, so if sad kitty stories are too much at the moment, don't read on.

    Beautiful tortie I got from the SPCA when she was about 7. Supposedly timid new cat that came out to me, jumped up on my motorbike jacket, crawled up to my shoulder, walked across to the other shoulder and sat there as I walked around. Hissing at any cat I looked at.

    After several years she started to suffer from kidney failure. Just before we moved into our first house, she was pretty much end-stage. I put her in the hospital while we moved because I knew she would absolutely love the new place - hedges to crawl under, big lawn, everything a cat could want.

    Brought her home, tanked up on steroids so she had two really happy days in her new home before the illness overtook her. I had her for 12 years, and after too long of being in pain and sick, she finally was able to get peace. My dear little Momo.


  5. That's ok Gravey, that's a really lovely story. I have a tortie too, a funny wee thing. We reckon she was a little abused before we got her as an 18 month old (SPCA rescue too), because every now and then she'll go off on wild jags around the house and jump at every sound. Most of the time she's blissed out in her fave spots. She too attached herself bodily to us when we were in the cage choosing our cat - woved around our legs then followed us out.

    And 19 years is a great age for a cat :)

  6. There's a kinda cool story about how she got her name. I adopted her when I was flatting in Breaker Bay. My flatmate was good friends with Barry Saunders (of the Warratahs) who also lived down the road.

    We tried to think of names and started going through his song-list. Stopped at Maureen and thought "That's a daft name for a cat" so shortened it to "Mo". I still didn't like it, so opted for Momo - after the Michael Ende character.

    When she became a big cat, the name was all the more profound.

  7. My cat naming story goes like this:

    Me: "I'm getting a cat!"
    Interested party: "Oh that's nice! What will you call it?"
    Me: " I shall call her...Mini Me"

    Minnie, for short ;)