Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awesome, Cosmic Rejections....itty bitty living space 24/03/2011

"Me Myself I" (12...12 rejections ah ah ah) rejected by Daily Science Fiction by form letter.

"Through The Open Door" rejected by Weird Tales by form letter.

These two stories are what I call my "Big Two", mainly because they were my first ever written and sent out, and I believe in them both very strongly. They've both been through a few drafts now, as I've been trying to sell them for a year. They've both been getting good vibes...I just can't find the right place for them.

At what point do I run out of places to sell them?

A Garfield cartoon, where Jon asks his bored cat to have some enthusiasm for life. Garfield proceeds to grin in a ridiculous fashion while still sighing
Garfield Cartoon: Why not show some enthusiasm for life?

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