Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From adversity comes (small) triumph

Who would have thought that it would take a tragedy to get me a professional writing gig?

Not once, but twice now. First the "Tales For Canterbury" anthology, and now I have been asked to write a special blog for the New Zealand Herald. Yup, a national media platform (who I err *cough* criticize quite regularly *cough herrrm*. Yeah I've had a little chuckle about that, but what better way to make change than from the inside the beast?) wants me to write a timeline blog this Friday, to tap into the human interest and community feel in Christchurch during the public holiday, memorial service and day of mourning.

I'm ridiculously pleased, and very grateful to my mate Troy (who I saw for the first time in four years the week after the earthquake) who hooked me up with the gig. Also my rambling, raw blog style the last couple of weeks had an impact too. Eesh, kinda weird to think that people beyond my crew are reading my blog. Eep! That also means I've had to tell my mum. As I said to a friend today: "I blog like my mother's not watching".

This will be an excellent project to shake me out of my writing doldrums. It means I'll have to start paying a bit more attention to the (small) world around me, because I've had the emotional blinkers on for some time. I'm hoping once this has kick started me, I'll be able to return to writing something fresh and new in my spec stories. I have the ideas, I just need the energy. And I'm definitely feeling the energy with this great opportunity.

I'll post up a link later this week once I go live.


  1. Woo hoo!

    Will be watching with bated breath ..... how do you watch with bated breath? Watching with bated eyes doesn't sound quite right.

    "I blog like my mother's not watching". LOL.