Friday, March 25, 2011

Sir Julius Vogel Awards Nomination - "My Dad, The Tuatara"

Surreal. Weird things are afoot in baby specfic-writer land...

"My Dad, The Tuatara", first published in Semaphore's December 2010 issue and appearing soon in the "Tales For Canterbury" anthology, has been nominated in the Short Story category for this year's Sir Julius Vogel Awards.

Thank you for your kindness whoever it was that nominated me. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I has a wee sniffle...

The final ballot will be available early April, and if I make the final ballot I'll have to seriously consider heading to ConText in June.

A wide eyed kittah is shouting fer bacon!


  1. You know, I am not sure what I am happier about - your nomination or the LOLcat.

    Biggest of big congrats, my friend.

  2. Congrats hun! I know I'm a bit late in saying that but hey - better late than never! Next time you're in Welly I'll toast you!