Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feminist Science Fiction - "The Female Man" Joanna Russ

Burned any bras lately har har twinkle twinkle A pretty girl like you doesn't need to be liberated twinkle har Don't listen to those hysterical bitches twinkle twinkle twinkle I never take a woman's advice about two things: love and automobiles twinkle twinkle har May I kiss your little hand twinkle twinkle twinkle. Har. Twinkle.
"The Female Man" by Joanna Russ, Part 3, section 5.

I'm currently reading "The Female Man" and it is WILD. It's totally gonzo, whacked out, angry and it's making me laugh out loud.

ETA: Having finished the book, I can qualify the "Laugh Out Loud" with quite a bit of hesitation on her handling of transgender themes. For all it's feminist goodness, if you're ever reading it please keep in mind the book is now 35 years old and written at the height of the second wave.

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