Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm all over the place

Just like the title suggests, my ability to concentrate on any one thing at the moment is a bit stuffed.

My Writer Mondays are taking a hit for about a month. I'm filling in at The Day Job for two Mondays, then after that I'm FINALLY getting the holiday I was supposed to take at the end of February. There better not be any major quakes pulling me back in this time, because my flights are booked and I'm partying/shopping like it's 1999! Hmm, not sure gallows humour works just yet.

I'm still having trouble concentrating, but part of that is my self-taught procrastination, laziness and fear of failure. I recently got my first ever laptop. Wow, yeah, I know I'm well behind the times. Hey, this is the person who eats books and STILL hasn't been able to afford an e-reader (leaning very heavily towards a Pocketbook 360+). The laptop, right...for all it's wireless tasty goodness, it allows me to disconnect from all distractions. It's a clean slate (badoom shh, coz it's an oldish tablet): no games, no Twitter, no net if I haven't got the wireless modem turned on.

I have quite a few Works In Progress which is a good and bad thing at the same time. Good because I have ideas coming out my ears (brain cells?), and there's a fantastic antho I want to submit to - "Fat Girl In a Strange Land". I have two pieces underway already for that, both of which are a little more unusual than my usual style (I have a style?) and I'm really enjoying the experience of being able to write fat (using the descriptor in a non-pejorative way) characters in a positive way without thinking of negative repercussions from editors. Bad because I can't stick with any one idea for a while!

I've got a little messy in my writing plan (I have a plan?), and I keep skipping from one story to another. I've got that "Wanna Write Them All!" thing going on, but none of them are really getting finished. Some of them are a bit difficult - like I get to a particular point and I struggle to transition into the last scene/take it home. I'll keep persevering because I eventually get over the hump and remember the glow of success of a finished first draft. Then I come down again when I realize I have to fix the bugger.

I've also been dabbling with the idea of a themed set of Flash stories which build on "Mid-Life Crisis" (which I sold to Flash Me Magazine last December) and "Tasty Maidens" (which I'm still trying to sell). These stories won't be set in the same world or with the same characters, but will be along the same theme, of which I'm going to use to practise my comedy writing. I don't want to reveal the theme just yet in case I don't go anywhere with it, and I'm sure it's something that's already been done before, but I want to see how far I can go with it, and how many flash pieces I can write. I've already written one more Flash under the banner of the theme.

On the plus side, while it's not writing based, I've suddenly got a lap-load of VA work. Strange - nothing for months, and then within the course of two weeks lots of VA love! I'll post them up in the near future when they go live.

And of course the rejections keep rolling on in. I hope they're rejections on the merits (or lack of) of the story, not from my gender or politics (coz I can talk some shit, ya know). I won't really know, will I? Which makes me REALLY appreciate personal feedback.

Ridiculous cute take off of the cover art for Lady Gaga's Born This Way, superimposing a cat head on a motorbike
Born This Way!

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  1. I also have two pieces in progresses for submission to the Fat Girl anthology. This is WAR.

    Seriously, good luck. I know it's hectic but you're doing awesome things.