Saturday, May 14, 2011

Links, because I haven't done any in a while 14/05/2011

  • I will be attending Queer The Night on June 9 in Wellington, protesting homophobia and transphobia on Wellington Streets. Info here too on The Hand Mirror. If you're a Wellingtonian, or in Wellington on the evening, and want to see the streets safe for queer and trans people, please consider coming along to lend your support. 
  • Following in the footsteps of similar walks the world over protesting sexual assault and the good ol' trope that women should not dress "like sluts", SlutWalk Aotearoa will be taking place on June 25 in Auckland and Wellington. Website now live!
  • I recently discovered the Feminist Science Fiction Wiki. Links to authors, groups, presses, academia, contests, and reading lists.
  • I have joined The Outer Alliance, a group of science fiction writers dedicated to advocating for LGBT themes and issues. (thanks Anna!)
  • Strange Horizons put together a fantastic link-around on their blog in memory of Joanna Russ "Joanna Russ - a requiem in links".

To remove writer's block...fill bowl in kitchen with tuna

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  1. I know it is off the topic of the post, but I gotta say again - I absolutely love your taste in LolCats.