Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I'm Reading 14/05/2011

Because Book Lists are so chewy!

I finally tracked down Penguin paperback editions of the "Women of Wonder" anthologies edited by Pamela Sargent (1978, 1979). And because I'm a collector, I couldn't resist the updated versions, "Women of Wonder: The Classic Years" and "Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years". How could I resist those covers!

I've had "Women of Other Worlds: Excursions through science fiction and feminism", edited by Helen Merrick and Tess Williams, for a few months, but I've only started dipping into it now. Great to unravel a bit of the history of FSF and WisCon (oh, all that I've MISSED!).

Still with Helen Merrick, I'm awaiting "The Secret Feminist Cabal: A Cultural History of Science Fiction and Feminism" to arrive.

Coming in that same package with the Merrick...Joanna Russ "To Write Like a Woman: Essays in feminism and science fiction". YAY!

More Russ - "On Strike Against God". Thanks to Arty Bees for tracking this one down for me!

Marianne De Pierres "Dark Space", Volume One of The Sentients of Orion. All the main characters were set up as unlikeable for a reason, but I couldn't connect with any of them, even though I could see their redemptions coming. Even then Mira (the main female character) seems sluggish to me, and Trinder's actions at the end of the book completely lost me (no, just NO. I'm calling a certain scene badly done. There's no justifying THAT even though it's a patriarchal society). The story meanders to take advantage of being set up for the next three books, but there is a lovely amount of detail and world building. Space Opera for those who like to invest in multiple books.

Isaac Asimov's "A Space of Her Own", edited by Shawna McCarthy. Would you believe I found this in my bookshelf and I'd forgotten I had it?! I think it got left behind many years ago by an old flatmate who dumped a box of books on me.

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